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Brian is the CEO and Lead Training Consultant for Anago Consulting Inc., an organization specializing in Human Development Training and Consulting using our unique Neuroinformed Framework and our Love, Safety and Connection Pillars of Support approach for Positive and Transformational Change.

The Neuroinformed Framework, is a unique and distinctive meta-framework developed over twenty years of experience working with families in a community setting, and informed by the empirical wisdom of neuroscience. The framework was developed as part of a transformative educational journey culminating in a Masters in Social Work (MSW) degree from Fresno State.

Brian K. Semsem Sr.

CEO and Lead Training Consultant




The Love, Safety and Connection Pillars of Support


Love is an outcome charaterized by deep, empathetic engagement; This Pillar of support is defined as micro-moments of experiencing deep, empathetic resonance and unconditional positive regard. This pillar transcends traditional notions of love based on romantic or familial relationships to include all human relationships

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Safety is prerequisite for love that focuses on sensed safety; This Pillar of Support emphasizes a neurosensory experience of safety in all facets of human life and interactions, encompassing physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual safety. It underscores the importance of safety as a universal requirement at all levels of human interactions and relationships.
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Connection is another prerequisite for love that focuses on social reciprocity and belonging; This Pillar of Support is attuned to cultivating profound human social engagements. It begins with basic acts of inclusion that fosters a growing sense of collective belonging that progress to deeper interpersonal connections and human bonding.
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More on Neuroinformed Framework

Neuroinformed is a concept appropriated from the term trauma-informed, that expresses the idea of being informed through a process of integrating research, theories, perspectives, practices, and knowledge from the diverse and interdisciplinary field of Neuroscience
Neuroscience includes any of the sciences that deal with the structure and or function of the central nervous system and brain. Neuroscience is a broad interdisciplinary field of science that integrates knowledge and research from other disciplines, such as mathematics, linguistics, engineering, computer science, chemistry, philosophy, and psychology.
Neuroinformed Framework is defined as a two-dimensional framework with a set of theories, concepts, and constructs, grounded in the research and knowledge of Neuroscience that provide a reference point for exploring and understanding the relationship between human experiences, human development, and human behavior.
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